Valorization of Waste into Chemicals

Waste valorization is the process of reusing, recycling of waste materials and converting them into more useful products including chemicals, materials, and fuels.  Waste-to-energy aspects are becoming more prominent due to the rapid depletion of natural resources and increase in waste generation. Various valorization techniques are promising in meeting industrial demands. One such promising waste valorization strategy is the application of flow chemical technology to process waste to valuable products. Flow chemistry has been known to be used in industries for other processing methodologies; it still remains to be used in biomass/waste valorization. Another valorization strategy is related to the use of pyrolysis in the synthesis of fuels. This involves the heating of biomass at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen to produce decomposed products. The sustainability of chemical technologies and processes can be increased by valorizing waste into useful chemicals. The conversion of agricultural and municipal waste is an excellent method to produce value added chemicals and materials.

  • Green processing technologies
  • ┬áPyrolysis and bioengineering
  • Waste Valorization Strategies: Case Studies
  • Valorization of Agricultural and Municipal waste
  • Valorization of Food Waste for Bioenergy

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