Green Synthesis/Reactions

Reactions play the most elementary role in synthesis. The ideology of Green Chemistry drives for the development of new green chemical synthesis and reaction conditions that can potentially provide benefits for chemical synthesis in terms of energy efficiency, product selectivity, operational simplicity, and health and environmental safety. Conventionally, attaining the highest yield and product selectivity were the ruling factors for any chemical synthesis. Recently, innovative reactions with inherent advantages have been developed such as microwave assisted synthesis, biocatalysts in organic synthesis, ultrasound assisted green synthesis, phase-transfer catalysis, Atom Economy, Organic Synthesis in Solid State etc., with the aid of chemical and biological catalysts.

  • Microwave Induced Green Synthesis
  • Ultrasound Assisted Green Synthesis
  • Biocatalysts in Organic Synthesis
  • Phase-Transfer Catalysis in Green Synthesis
  • Organic Synthesis in Solid State
  • Aqueous Phase reactions

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