Green Economy

The green economy is referred to an economy that aims at reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities, and that aims for sustainable development without damaging the environment. Environmental economics is the study of economics of natural resources from their extraction and use, and the waste products refunded to the environment. The green chemistry and design for the environment have successfully been used to benefit the environment and the economy. The Green Chemistry developed to further entrench these approaches to promote the development of the green economy. Green economy is described as developing new products, techniques, and services that promote a healthy environment and energy security. The global market for green economy technology has grown for years. The fastest growing sector includes energy generation, energy storage, transportation, energy efficiency, recycling and waste treatment. The current emphasis on green economic growth provides an opportunity in the advancement of green chemistry approaches. 

  • Environmental Economics
  • Strategies for Green Economy
  • Green Economic Policy
  • Integrating Network Economy with Green Economy
  • Innovations in Green Economy

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