Future Trends in Green Chemistry

Future Trends in Green Chemistry includes oxidation reagent and catalysis comprised of toxic substances such as heavy metals showing substantial negative effect on human health and environment which can be changed by the use of benign substances, Non covalent derivatization , Supramolecular chemistry research is currently on going to develop reactions which can proceed in the solid state without the use of solvents, Biometric multifunctional reagents, Combinatorial green chemistry is the chemistry of being able to make large numbers of chemical compounds rapidly on a small scale using reaction matrices, Proliferation of solvent less reactions helps in development of product isolation, separation and purification that will be solvent-less as well in order to maximize the benefits. 

  • Green Nanochemistry
  • Supramolecular Chemistry
  • Oxidation Reagents and Catalysts
  • Biometric Multifunctional Reagents
  • Combinatorial Green┬áChemistry
  • Non Covalent Derivatization Techniques

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