Environmental Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment

The application of Life Cycle Assessment and related methods in green chemical process and synthesis strongly supports the development of greener concepts on the basis of the selection of compounds, its process parameters and the resulting environmental impacts. Successful implementations of green chemistry research are improving the environmental impacts of chemical products and processes in every stage of life cycle although offering economic incentives. Analysis of new and existing green chemistry technologies with quantitative and qualitative metrics can identify and quantify these benefits. An important aspect of green chemistry is that it can facilitate environmental improvements at every stage of the life cycle, which includes the stages of materials extraction; materials transformation, processing, and manufacturing; packaging, transportation, and distribution; consumer use; and end-of-life management. 

  • Environmental and Ethical Assessments
  • Climate Change & Pollution Control
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Clean processing and Utilization of Fossil Resources
  • Sustainability Evaluation
  • Carbon Foot Print
  • Transportation
  • Disposal & Reuse

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